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Author Topic: Ijnsurance problems as we age!!  (Read 1787 times)

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Ijnsurance problems as we age!!
« on: Wednesday September 28, 2016, 01:05:29 UTC »
I have had my first run in with an insurance company here in the US re my Chipmunk and my age. An outfit by the name of "US Specialty" demanded that I have a Biennial every year??  No problem with that, but they also demanded that the CFI that does it be qualified on the Chipmunk and meet all insurance requirements???  The minimum hours requirement is 30hrs.

Also a medical every year so who says the elimination of a medical is not affecting insurance quotes, AOPA!!!  Again no problem with the medical as I hold a First Class which is not really needed for a Chipmunk!!!

I rebelled at that demands as the nearest Chipmunk to me is about 400mls West (with a different engine and Canadian) and another with a Gypsy about 350 miles North and Canadian registered.  Not exactly realistic.

I told the agent where the underwriter could go and I have another coverage with just the same limits, and only a little more money, but no requirements for checks rides other than those that the usual FAA reg's require.

I only have 13, 850hrs with 9 type ratings, ATP, CFII, MEI, Land and Sea etc, and am retired from being an inspector and examiner so not really low time or a big risk and of course nor is the Chipmunk which has a great record. My record is also completely clean.

Beware, they will take your money for years and then try this trick. End of rant!!!

Speedbird 1.


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