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Offline Tim Watson

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Solid State Voltage Regulator
« on: Friday August 11, 2017, 09:20:25 UTC »
Finally got our mod LAA approved and chucked out the hopelessly unreliable carbon pile unit forever!  As far as I'm aware, there are now two other approved versions out there - all based on the Transpo IB308 solid state regulator proposed by Dick Gower, but using different devices to prevent reverse current. Our mod retains the existing Cut Out Relay but there are pros and cons for each solution. We also incorporated a generator field switch which allows the charging system to be shut down in the event of a problem.
Huge thanks to Dick, Brian and the many others who provided valuable advice.

Offline speedbird1

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Re: Solid State Voltage Regulator
« Reply #1 on: Friday August 11, 2017, 14:14:55 UTC »
Good job Tim,
At least that piece of antique electronic wizardry can be by passed and owners will have better and more reliable electrical systems.
Another one of Dick inventions is the full time relay fitted at the battery end of the big positive wire that has no protection all the way to the Ground/Flight switch and should be mandatory as that very heavy wire has no protection at all and could easily cause a fire if it shorted.
But you effort to get the VR mod approved is a good step in the right direction.
Those ancient and heavy VR's were in most British aircraft of WW2 and afterwards.  I saw a Hurricane being recovered recently and on the shelf behind the pilot was the same VR and still in use on a very expensive machine.
Speedbird 1.

Offline Dick Gower

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Re: Solid State Voltage Regulator
« Reply #2 on: Monday August 14, 2017, 07:35:30 UTC »
Good to hear Tim.
Thanks for your efforts with the approval.  Hopefully others can now solve their VR issues without a lot of pain.

There is now another solid state regulator on the market from the US (Clover Systems) which also has a solid state cut-out to replace the relay.  I will put together something on this if anybody is interested in getting LAA approval.

Dick Gower

Offline Bob

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Re: Solid State Voltage Regulator
« Reply #3 on: Monday October 16, 2017, 18:12:56 UTC »
Yes please! Thanks Dick, and Tim for getting the LAA done!


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