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ACF Corrosion Protection
« on: Friday January 05, 2018, 15:30:54 UTC »
At the last annual inspection, we found the beginnings of slight corrosion in the tailplane. This was treated, but given that the internal structure of the wings is rather harder to access, I'm minded to have them corrosion-proofed using the ACF spray method.

Has anyone gone down this route? Are there any concerns as regards the fabric?

Tim Watson
Tim Watson

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Re: ACF Corrosion Protection
« Reply #1 on: Friday January 05, 2018, 18:52:10 UTC »

I have used ACF50 for many years with great success. I have not done a complete fabric covered surface like the inside of a Chipmunk wing, but have done the leadings edges and the fuel tank areas, plus the fin and tailplane, with some in the rear of the fuselage for good measure.  I feel the front part of any Gipsy engine airplane is self lubricated so no chance of corrosion??
Speedbird 1.


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