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Author Topic: Ign points earth type versus old type....  (Read 146 times)

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Ign points earth type versus old type....
« on: Thursday August 09, 2018, 20:38:47 UTC »
Getting low on good point sets and with a few thousand mile trip imminent I decided to put together my spares and found I didn't have a full set of points/backplate etc......I have always used the type with the auto earth when the cap is removed....however the only new point sets I have left are the old type (well , I call them the old type) with no safety earth spring leaf.....out of interest I decided just to make sure it fits.....removed the earth pressure  spring in the cap , put the old type points in plus the specific larger centre bolt that rubs on the carbon brush   ..and attempted to pop the cover on......only you can't  ???
It does not fit flush to enable the outer clip to snap in position......SO.....what is different.....why does it not fit....could it be the case that the little pressure spring 'tit'   has to be removed...??  ....has anybody else used both types of points ....

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Re: Ign points earth type versus old type....
« Reply #1 on: Friday August 10, 2018, 01:16:45 UTC »
Yes, it is the two spigots coming together Yakxx - a bakelite one on the housing and a brass one on the back of the spring contact.  Removing most of the brass  (very carefully)  gives sufficient clearance. 
Frankly I don't trust the post-mod  automatic cutout since  I heard a story about a an aircraft starting in the hangar while checking the timing!
Dick Gower


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