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Board Rules and Guidelines
« on: Tuesday August 16, 2005, 19:26:03 UTC »
This Bulletin Board is provided in good faith for the enjoyment of all.  By registering for this board, all users agree to abide by the following rules and guidelines.  failure to compy will result in the users account being deleted.

1.  All usernames must be free from profanity.

2. No liablility will be accepted by Caledonian Chipmunks for the conduct of any user on this Board.

3.  As this Board may be accessed by minors, foul language or other such anti-social behaviour is not permitted.

4.  All posts are subject to Moderation.  Any posts that fall outside the scope of a topic or thread may be deleted or moved by the Moderators.

5.  Please post within the usual rules of BB Etiquete i.e no double posting or "shouting" (posts in all CAPITAL LETTERS)
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