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« on: Thursday February 03, 2011, 18:40:44 UTC »

I am new on this forum. My name is Florian and I live in Switzerland (in advance sorry for my poor english). I am soon going to pass a transition on WD347 now HB-TUT based in Lausanne (LSGL). I am really interested in the story of this particular Chipmunk but until now I haven't been able to found lot of things so if anyone could help I would be very happy thank's in advance and keep this forum living


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Re: WD347
« Reply #1 on: Monday April 25, 2011, 11:12:41 UTC »
Hi Florian.  Ralph Steiner, who runs the Chipmunk Club, hoards information on the history of Chipmunks.  Have you tried contacting him?


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